Randy Rhodes, Harvest Select – Steel City Seafoods
“Freezer works great, the drivers really like it. Stickers are on and they look great too. The guys at the shop in Uniontown told me they got it down to below freezing opened the doors on a hot day for 45 min and the temp only dropped 10 degrees. We shouldn’t have to charge it very often, maybe twice a week because it just stays cold, great product.”

Brett, Blackwater Beef
“Bill, This freezer is absolutely incredible. It works perfectly and has a long life of below zero once unplugged. The freezer exceeds the efficiency of the polar king we bought for on site. I am very pleased with it. Thank you”

Ron Allen
“I bought a couple slide in refrigerated bodies from Jack Frost and a couple refrigerated trailers. Both use cold plate technology to maintain temperature. They are great for out of town events and hot-shot deliveries around town. We had a bad experience with another refrigerated trailer vendor, and have been very thankful to Jack Frost because of the superior construction, insulation, and refrigeration technology of their product. We open and close the doors to our trailers up to 200x per day getting in and out with frozen products for our customers at out of town events. The trailers stay sub-zero the whole time and keep our products in great condition.
The slide in bodies for deliveries are plugged in over night to charge and can run all day with dozens of deliveries on the schedule and keep sub-zero temperatures until the end of the day without having to be connected to electricity! One minor glitch at the very start, when we first got our trailers, the trailers weren’t calibrated to the correct settings in order to not fault out when first powered up (110 degree heat outside when we got them) due to the extreme Texas heat, so the compressors would shut down when plugged in. One phone call to Bill at Jack Frost and he had a tech out to me the next day to re calibrate to appropriate settings for Texas heat, and we haven’t had a problem since! Excellent product and excellent customer service! Thanks Bill and thanks Jack Frost Freezers!”

Nick Villaume
“Hey Bill, here’s a story you may enjoy.  I left my house in lake Charles Louisiana at 7 AM this morning.  I unplugged my mini high cube and went to breakfast. It was probably 76 or 78° at 7 AM.  I spent the entire day making deliveries and running around in the truck with the mini high cube and with the back of the truck loaded with frozen product.   The temp today reached about 96°, but the heat index was of 112°.   I’ve just returned home at 9 PM, 14 hours later, and the temperature inside my mini high cube is still -10°.  That is freaking amazing!
Theoretically, your product gives me a delivery radius of six hours in either direction.  That means that it my product could be delivered to: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Shreveport, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mobile Alabama, and Jackson Mississippi. That means that your product allows be, in my little town of Lake Charles Louisiana, do you have access to markets with over 20 million people.  And the cost of that is simply my car note. If I had to get a box truck with a reefer, it would cost me $3500-$4000 per month minimum. Your solution cost me no more than $600 per month for my car note plus insurance. You are the man!”