We have taken our refrigeration technology and applied it something very important to us. (Keeping our beer REAL cold!) You do Not need a jockey box, ice, or a generator anymore… Our fiberglass truck slip ins or trailers has a new and improved cold plate system. We can accommodate the perfect temperatures in between the range of +30˚F to +35˚F or turn it down colder if you want?.  You simply plug it into your standard 110v receptacle to recharge the system. You can leave it plugged in as long as you like to keep the kegs cold. Our coolers are completely self-contained. The next morning you unplug it and go serve cold beer all day long with no worries. Holds temps 15 to 30  hours before needing to plug in.

We also build three standard size trailers, 7 foot 8 foot and 11 foot trailers or any custom size you like.

Optional built in bluetooth speaker system

Optional heavy duty slide tray for easy access