Reduce the cost of your frozen freight delivery vehicles by 50%

The biggest expenses of a frozen freight delivery company are a fleet of reefer trucks, truck maintenance,Fuel,high insurance,special driver,special DMV cost and the time that they are stopped in traffic. If any of those expensive delivery vehicles are leaving the shipping dock with less than 1,500 pounds of frozen freight, the vehicle costs several times more than it could have cost. Reduce your capital and expense cost now.

Jack Frost reefers slip into a standard pickup truck and are the most efficient and economical method of in-town frozen freight delivery. Make deliveries through traffic and in congested loading areas as easily as an automobile. Jack Frost reefers will do everything a large frozen delivery vehicle will do at a fraction of your existing cost. Models are available to store frozen cargo at -20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Jack Frost Freezers is a family owned company and has manufactured quality frozen refrigerated reefers that slip in to pickup trucks for over 20 years. There are thousands of Jack Frost reefers currently in service today.

Jack Frost slip-in reefers are time proven designs and are always manufactured to exacting quality standards. They are the most economical and efficient method of frozen freight delivery. Many models are equipped to store frozen cargo at -20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit for prolonged periods. Features are available that will automatically record the time and temperature of your cargo for certification purposes. Call or email Jack Frost Freezers today and place an order or request a quotation at (702) 363-9779. Our address is 3040 N Simmons St #102 North Las Vegas, NV 89032. Office Hours: Monday Through Friday 9:00 A.M to 4 P.M. Pacific Time.


Industries using Jack-Frost Freezers™ for Pickup Trucks

  • Meat Home Delivery for premium home delivered meats
  • Hotshot (gofer) frozen delivery vehicles
  • Perishable Products Delivery such as grocery home delivery
  • Frozen Seafood Transport
  • Creamery Ice Cream Trucks
  • Blood and Vaccine Transport
  • Medical specimen Transport
  • Temperature Controlled Medicine Transport
  • Emergency Response Frozen Materials Transport
  • Franchise Frozen Deliveries
  • Munitions and Explosives Transport and Mobile Storage
  • Laboratory and Forensics Supply Transport
  • Specialty Food Delivery
  • Remote Slaughtering Facility for injured livestock and hunting
  • Rural Morgue Vehicle
  • Mortuary Vehicle
  • Rental & Leased Subzero Refrigerator Equipped Pickups and Trailers
  • Sporting Event Delivery
  • Fishing Bait Delivery and Mobile Storage